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Science meets Comics
Proceedings of the Symposium on Communicating and Designing the Future of Food in the Anthropocene

Reinhold Leinfelder, Alexandra Hamann, Jens Kirstein and Marc Schleunitz (eds.)
Comicforschung / Comics studies
Broschur, 117 Seiten, mit teils farbigen Abbildungen / Softcover, 117 pages, illustrations
ISBN 978-3-941030-92-3
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There are no simple solutions in the Anthropocene era. Every single person lives in a highly complex system and is connected to it by his or her actions. By focusing on the example of alimentation, this interconnectedness can be exposed and presented in a form that everyone can understand. Comics as a
communication medium not only have the potential to make complex issues accessible in an appealing form; the comic-making process itself can inspire scientific work, and reveal new connections.

This proceedings volume includes contributions on alimentation and comic theory by Jaqueline Berndt, Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann, Toni Meier, Veronika Mischitz, Stephan Packard, Lukas Plank, Nick Sousanis, Katerina Teaiwa and Arnold van Huis. It is the result of the two-day symposium Science meets Comics, held in October 2015 in the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, which discussed and developed these new means of communication in relation to


Inhalt / Table of Contents


Beyond Illustration

How Factual are Factual Comics? Parasitic Imaginations in Referential Cartoons

Comics and Truth – Why Non-Fiction Comics need Rules

Jaqueline BERNDT
Manga meets Science: Going beyond the Education-Entertainment Divide

Veronika MISCHITZ & HELMHOLTZ-Gemeinschaft
Understanding Science through Comics (Comic)

Planetary Boundaries of Agriculture and Nutrition – an Anthropocene Approach

Insects, the New Food?

Anne-Kathrin KUHLEMANN
Food Production in the Anthropocene:
The Role of AgTech in Urban Spaces

Katerina TEAIWA
Interview with Katerina Teaiwa by Teresia K. Teaiwa for Microwomen

Epilogue: Comic as a format for intercultural, cross-discipline,and participative communication

Open Access E-Book
Herausgeber / Editors


ISBN 978-3-941030-93-0

Reinhold LEINFELDER is a geologist and a member of
the Anthropocene Working Group of the International
Commission on Stratigraphy. He has held professorships at various German universities and directorships
at several museums and natural history collections.
He is currently professor at Freie Universität Berlin
and Principal Investigator at the Cluster of Excellence
Image Knowledge Gestaltung.

Alexandra HAMANN is a media designer who has
directed an agency specialising in educational media
and science communication since 2001. She is an
editor and author of non-fiction comic books. As a
freelancer working with the Cluster of Excellence,
she was responsible for the storyboard, coordination
and editing of Eating Anthropocene. She is the mind
behind the idea and concept for the comic.

Jens KIRSTEIN is a geologist and research associate
at Freie Universität Berlin. He investigates relevant
historical, current and future biogeological resource,
energy and material flows in and around the kitchen.
In addition to his work at the Cluster of Excellence
Image Knowledge Gestaltung, he is a Ph.D. candidate
of the International Max Planck Research School for
Global Biogeochemical Cycles (IMPRS-gBGC).

Marc SCHLEUNITZ is a biologist and political scientist. His interests lie in the correlations between humans'
use and manifold transformation of the environment,
their ecological consequences and their underlying
economic processes. He works as a research associate
for the base project with a focus on researching
global nutrition and the material flows and resource
usage associated with it.


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